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Scoring Points

There are 64 teams selected that are used in the office pool. This is a single game elimination tournament, so each round eliminates half the teams that play. There are six rounds of play and the team that wins the final game in the 6th round is the champion. You are given points for each team that you successfully select to win in the contest. There are different point values assigned to your winning selections in each round. Below are the point value assignments for wins in the corresponding rounds.

63 total games with 240 possible points:

Round 1 [64 teams] 32 games x 2 points = 64 possible points
Round 2 [32 teams] 16 games x 3 points = 48 possible points
Round 3 [16 teams] 8 games x 5 points = 40 possible points
Round 4 [8 teams] 4 games x 8 points = 32 possible points
Round 5 [4 teams] 2 games x 12 points = 24 possible points
Round 6 [2 teams] 1 game x 16 points = 16 possible points

Tie Breaker

At the end of the contest if any players have accumulated the same amount of total points, their rankings will be determined by the following tie breakers in the order of prioroty in which they appear below:

1. Most teams correctly picked in round 3 [16 teams]
2. The highest overall correct pick percentage
3. Total points of both teams in final game